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Three Ways To Use Fritz Meyer Economic Research In Content Marketing For Advisors

It’s a well-established fact that content marketing works. But investment advisors are not very good at.

RIA content marketing requires content people value. But most of the content RIAs distribute is not information that will be valued by high-net worth individuals.

We have great solutions that to help advisors with lead generation and content marketing targeted to investors.

We’ve partnered with experts with great research, like tax whiz Bob Keebler, economist Fritz Meyer, and finance professor Craig Israelsen. You can view their webinars, which CFPs, CIMAs, and other professionals receive continuing educational credit for attending, and then we sell you their slides to turn into content. Or, if you don’t want turn their research into content, then use one of our content products.

For example, Advisor Products now offers three ways for advisors to leverage content from economist Fritz Meyer:

– PowerPoint Slides For DIYers.
You get all of Fritz Meyer’s PPT slides every month–more than 100 slides plus a “highlights” version with just 15 slides. Your and post some of the slides to your website or use them in client meetings, newsletters, and social media. No voiceover is included. This is for DIYers leveraging Fritz’s research to make their own content. $300 annually.

– Content Marketing System. For $2,337 annually, you get a This is a turnkey content marketing system. AdvisorSites Platinum, which includes articles, videos and status updates based on Bob Keebler’s tax and estate planning ideas as well as Fritz Meyer’s investment ideas, is updated monthly with content produced by Advisor Products. Platinum also gets you a Social Media Dashboard, website archiving and much more.

–Fritz Meyer’s Quarterly Client Videos. A 15-minute video of Fritz on camera explaining what occurred in the market every quarter. See the sample below. $2400 annually for four quarterly videos.

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AdvisorVault Enhancements Improve Secure Client Portals For Advisors

Several enhancements were made to AdvisorVault last month in response to user requests.

Better Branding. You can now display a full size logo or banner in AdvisorVault that your clients will see. Until now, a size restriction was placed on the size of the graphic. To use a larger graphic in your client vaults, please email us the larger logo at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call our service team.

Portfolio Reports Folder. You can hide the “Investments” from view of clients and use any name for the folder where you upload reports. Previously, you could only upload portfolio report to certain folders and you could not rename them. Now, you can rename the portfolio reports folder and make the “home” page the folder where your client’s reports are displayed.

Template Emails From Multiple Addresses. AdvisorVault includes a template email communication system for notifying clients automatically in batches of 15 routine advisor business processes. After uploading a performance report or other document, for example, AdvisorVault generates an automatic notification that is personalized to each client. Until now, your firm could use only a single email address with the template notifications—a single advisor’s address would be displayed in the “from” field of emails generated by AdvisorVault’s template notification system. Now, each advisor in your firm can send template notifications in batches and the recipient will see his advisor’s email address in the “from” field of the email.

Simplified Batch Uploading. If you batch upload portfolio performance reports, you can hide from view any folder that you do not use to upload reports.

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