Our Firm

In 1988, Phillip G. Hurst founded our predecessor firm, Hurst Financial Management, Inc., a fee-based Registered Investment Advisor on the principles of integrity, smart investments, and an unprecedented client focus. He saw a finance industry that was too focused on commissions and making money without a real regard for the client. Hurst Financial Management sought to break the mold.

As a fiduciary and fee-based Registered Investment Advisor, Mr. Hurst was able to sit on the same side of the table as his clients, and he was able to make investment decisions that were in each client’s best interest. A client-centered focus was paramount to Mr. Hurst’s core beliefs.

 In 2005, Mr. Hurst founded Cardinal Capital Management, LLC as a joint venture between Hurst Financial Management and Summers, Carroll, Whisler, LLC, a Muncie-area CPA® firm. Their focus was on helping their clients through the complete spectrum of their financial needs.

Mr. Hurst retired in December of 2012, leaving his handpicked team of Sarah V. McCord and Lee H. Snider to manage Cardinal Capital Management and maintain the principle of integrity and client-first mindset that separates Cardinal Capital Management from the pack of other wealth management firms. 

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